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Our Valuable Team Members

Administration Division

Nicky ChaversFounder / President
Sheri ChaversConservatory Program Director
Noah StrattonChief Executive Officer
Nicole StrattonArtistic Director
Ken HinesTechnical Director
Lydia Hines
Lydia HinesAdministrative Secretary
Mary Beth SmithReceptionist
Seth DeasonAdministrative Assistant / Financial Manager
Olivia PierceAdministrative Assistant

Educational Division

Zac JohnsonConservatory Supervisor
Matt HainsworthRecruitment Assistant
Mary Beth SmithConservatory Coordinator
SueAnn WenteChild Care Supervisor

Artistic Division

Nicole StrattonArtistic Director
Christian LamasAssistant to the Artistic Director
Stephen BjorkmanLogos Theatre Stage Manager
Joseph HainsworthMedia Manager
Ben Maciejack
Ben MaciejackMedia Supervisor
Jonah CoferMedia Technician
Matt HainsworthMedia Assistant
Rachel MaciejackMakeup Manager
Nadia SwartzentruberMakeup Supervisor
Stephen WarrenMakeup Technician / Prop Master
Hannah FikeHair Supervisor
Daniel ParkerProp Assistant
Sam SingletonProp Technician
Rachel BjorkmanCostume Manager
Rebecca SwagerCostumes Assistant
SueAnn WenteCostumes Assistant
Joseph HainsworthSets Manager
Daniel HainsworthSets Assistant
Sam SingletonSet Assistant
Jeremiah GouldGraphic Design Technician
Elizabeth PrestonGraphic Design Technician
Rebecca SwagerGraphic Design Assistant
Christian LamasDance / Choreography / Fight Supervisor

Promotional Division

Jennifer DavisPromotional Supervisor
Rachel MaciejackPromotional Assistant
Jeremiah GouldWebsite Supervisor
Marshall PrestonPromotional Assistant
Nadia SwartzentruberTour Coordinator
Stephen WarrenSocial Media Liaison
Ken GromestDirector of Development

Technical Division

Ken HinesTechnical Director
Justin SwainTechnical Director Assistant
Joseph HainsworthVehicle Supervisor
Ben Maciejack
Ben MaciejackSound Manager
Olivia PierceSound Assistant
Hannah FikeLighting Technician
Daniel ParkerLighting Assistant / Security Assistant
Sam SingletonSecurity and Maintenance Supervisor
Daniel HainsworthMaintenance Assistant
Stephen BjorkmanPuppetry Technician
Jeremiah GouldPuppetry Assistant / Groundskeeper

Seminar Team

Stephen BjorkmanSeminar Team Manager
Rachel MaciejackSeminar Scheduling Coordinator
Jennifer DavisSeminar Scheduling Assistant

Drama Ministry Program

Marshall PrestonDrama Ministry Program Scheduler
Allison CraftDrama Ministry Program Coordinator