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          As a dedicated administrator of a school or coordinator of a home school group, we know you are always searching for ways to improve and expand the education that each of your students receives. We also realize that finding opportunities especially in the arts are hard to come by, and excellent training in the arts with a Christian philosophy is almost unheard of. However, a strong philosophical viewpoint of these important gifts, as well as excellent training in them, is imperative for your students to have in order for them to enjoy a well-rounded Christian education. Thankfully, the founder of our ministry, Dr. Nicky Chavers, realized this back in 1973 when he began the branch of our ministry which is now known as Drama Seminars. This exciting aspect of our ministry has been providing Christian schools and home school groups an affordable way to have excellent dramatic productions, which not only teach incredible life skills through the arts, but Biblical truth as well.

          This dynamic week quickly becomes the highlight of the students as they are trained by the team from the Academy of Arts in stage lighting, sets, costumes, makeup, media, and acting, all with a Christian outlook and philosophy. This hands-on training is truly unequaled and culminates at the end of the week with your students producing and acting in an incredible drama that will be sure to draw people to your school or home school group, as well as bless them with a fantastic message. The drama seminar week is the answer to your school having a professional arts program without breaking the bank, and an arts program that draws your students closer as a student body and closer to Jesus Christ. Here is a quick review of how the drama seminar week will benefit your school.

  •  Student involvement in a professional production with stage lights, sound, media equipment, costumes, makeup and training that would normally only be available to privileged art schools.
  • Unifying the entire school body around a single goal.
  • Daily devotions and chapel times with a highly trained and excited Academy of Arts team that can result in spiritual growth.
  • Production teaches a powerful message and helps teach students a Biblical philosophy of the arts.
  • Greater community and family outreach.
  • Raise the profile of your school in your community.

General Information

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How to make a drama seminar pay for itself.

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