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About The Logos Theatre

Although The Academy of Arts opened the doors to the Logos Theatre in 2006, the history of the building began long before, in 1918. 80 School Street in Taylors, South Carolina opened as home to the Taylors elementary and high school building for over 50 years. It remained in operation throughout those years but quickly digressed in use as the school began to close. It remained unoccupied and for many years only served as a forsaken landmark for the small city of Taylors.

In 1989, as Dr. Chavers became aware of the property, God began to plant a vision for the future in his mind of this building becoming part of the Academy of Arts Ministries.

After much inquiry and prayer, Dr, Chavers was able to purchase the abandoned 35,000 square foot building for only $1 per square foot!

Many of the alumni of this school, who are still living today, are overjoyed to see the Academy of Arts continuing to use this building for investing in youth.

Although the building had been purchased, there were still many changes and repairs to be made. Dr. Chavers, his family, and the staff and volunteers of the ministry renovated the space as money was provided. The Logos Theatre was officially opened to the public in 2006. What had, at its worst, been abandoned and vandalized now contained a fully-functioning, 364 seat auditorium, 20’ diameter turntable, classrooms and dormitory space, makeup and costume rooms, and office space. God had met a great need and was only just beginning His work through the Logos Theatre.

Since its opening in 2006, the theatre has produced over 100 dramas about the lives of missionaries, biblical and world issues, and characters from the Word of God, while involving students and staff from Upstate South Carolina and all across the world.

Already, the Logos Theatre’s productions have built a unique reputation for professionalism and outstanding quality that does not sacrifice a God-honoring and inspirational message.